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Friday, 30 November 2018 18:24

Achievement Unlocked

MISSION: Complete Masters Degree [Achievement Unlocked]

All requirements for my Master of Education in Youth Development Leadership have been completed. I submitted the last assignments on Sunday, November 25, 2018. My final cumulative GPA is 3.636 (A-). My graduation is effective December 2018. I am now waiting for the Office of the Registrar to post the degree to my transcript, and to receive the diploma in the mail.

It's such a good feeling to be done, but it is also surreal to no longer be a student. The Masters has been in the work for four years, and I have essentially been a student, on and off, for 24 years at the University of Minnesota. I started in 1994 and completed my Bachelor of Science in Theatre, Communication, and Youth Students in 2012.

I am a student with disabilities, and was registered with the university Disability Resource Center, and did receive accommodations in accordance with the recommendations of my medical care team. This is one reason I completed my core graduate course work in Spring 2017, yet just now finished the lingering course work for these Incompletes from Spring 2015 now. My instructors understood there were certain challenges I faced in Spring 2015 that delayed my course work, and that the specific topics I was studying actually touched on personal matters related to my disabilities. It was a strange twist of fate that my final assignment related so closely to some professional partnerships I have recently taken on that weren't present when I took the class in Spring 2015.

It's nice to be done, but I'm still adjusting to the shifting emotions of completion. I think as time moves on, I will start to see new opportunities and success ahead of me. However, the six-digit federal student loan debt I've acquired after 24 years of schooling will be difficult to manage.

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